1216 YOUNG STREET #305
PHONE/FAX: (808) 591-9110


30 Dec. 54 – 11 Dec. 57.  Honorable Discharge.



1962         BA English & Journalism

                 Indiana University

                 Bloomington, Indiana


1963          6 Semester Hours in Secondary Education
                       Indiana University – Indianapolis Campus
                       Indianapolis, Indiana


1964          23 Quarter Hours in Secondary Education
                       University of Washington
                       Seattle, Washington


1966         Master of Social Work (MSW)
                       University of Washington
                       Seattle, Washington

1967         12 Quarter Hours in MBA Program, Accounting, Economics & Marketing,
                       Pacific Lutheran University
                       Tacoma, Washington

1969         Certified Lecturer in Human Social Functioning. 180 Seminar
                       Hours in 60 Hour annual increments from 1967 to 1969 with
                       Professor Eugene Heimler, Director, International Center For
                       Social Functioning, London, England.


1968 – Present:    Member National Association of Social Workers (NASW)
                              and  the  Academy of  Certified Social Workers  (ACSW),
                              MEMBER ID # 885728832.

1980 – Present:    Hawaii State Driver License, class 3, # 305-36-1752.


1985 – 2000:         Hawaii Business License, DBA VIDEOSYNTHESIS
                              STUDIO II, G.E. /USE ID. NO. 10381090.
                              Changed to VIDEOSYNERGY™ STUDIO II on O9/17/00.


1989 – 2000:         VIDEOSYNTHESIS™ Registered as a trade name with
                               the Hawaii State Department  of Commerce.

1992 - 12/31/98:    Certified by the Hawaii State Departments of Health
                               and Public Safety as a TRAINER of a 40 Hour Forensic
                               Mental Health Course taught to Adult Corrections
                               Officers throughout the State of Hawaii (all Islands).

1996 – 12/31/98:    Certified by the Hawaii Department of Public safety as an
                               INTERNAL AFFAIRS INVESTIGATOR.


1996Present:     Hawaii Licensed Social Worker # LSW – 566.

1997 – Present:     NASW National Register: Qualified Clinical Social Worker (QCSW).


1997 – Present:     NASW Certified: Diplomate in Clinical Social Work (DCSW).


1999 – Present:     Hawaii Procurement Office Treatment List of Qualified Providers.

1/2000–Present:   HMSA/QUEST Certified Mental Health Service Provider, #021853-7.

09/17/2000:           DBA VIDEOSYNTHESIS™ changed to VIDEOSYNERGY™
                              registered as a trade name with the State of  Hawaii Department of
                              Commerce and registered as on the internet.

04/23/2002:           DBA VIDEOSYNERGY®:
                              CERTIFICATE OF REGISTRATION No. 2,563,832
                              issued by The United States Patent and Trademark Office
                              for VIDEOSYNERGY, authorizing the use of the ® mark.

PUBLICATIONS (chronological order):

Special Interest Stories, Editorial Staff Writer, The Bloomington Herald Tribune, Bloomington, Indiana (1961 – 1962).

“Nova Express: The Critics and William S. Burroughs;” Prospero’s Cell,

Vol. 1, #1, 1966. ă Prospero’s Cell & Co.; Seattle, Washington.

ASPECTS OF PROGRAM EVALUATION IN THE VOLUNTARY SOCIAL AGENCY: Master’s Thesis; University of Washington, School of Social Work, 1966.

“New Resources For Correctional Institutions.”  Correctional Administrator’s Source Book, 1966,  pp. 145 –155 ; American Correctional Association, Shoreham Building, 15th and H Streets, N.W., Washington, D.C. 20005.

OPERATIONAL HANDBOOK: The Declaration and Specialization System, 1968.  Management Analysis Unit, State Department of Social and Health Services, Olympia, Washington.

HUMAN SOCIAL FUNCTIONING: A New Direction In Social Work; Flo-Search Training Brochure, May, 1971, Seattle, Washington.

HUMAN SOCIAL FUNCTIONING: A method of Self Analysis; Flo-Search Consultants Client Brochure, June, 1973, Phoenix, Arizona.

“The Champus Chap” A weekly column appearing from November, 1973 to February, 1974 in THE JET JOURNAL, the Luke Air Force Base Newspaper; Phoenix, Arizona.

CHILDREN’S PROTECTIVE SERVICE: A Program Model; Austin, Elfstrand and Granfors, March 30, 1976, Oregon State Department of Human Resources, Children’s Division, Multnomah County, Portland, Oregon.

VIDEOSYNTHESIS  VIDEO FEEDBACK THERAPY.  A one-page definitive description of this heuristic therapeutic method, June 6, 1987, Honolulu, Hawaii.

VIDEOSYNTHESIS™: THREE ONE-HOUR DOCUMENTARY VIDEO OVERVIEWS Of VS Interviews. (June 1992). Copies filed in the Media Library at the University of Washington School of Social Work in Seattle, Washington.



THE LIFE MATRIX. (December 18, 2000).




9/62 - 5/63          Sixth Grade Teacher: Wilkinson High School, Wilkinson, Indiana.

9/63 - 9/69          Employed by the Washington State Department of Social
                               and Health Services, as detailed below:

                               9/63 – 9/64    Medical Caseworker, SW III: Harborview Hospital, Seattle.

                               9/64 – 6/66
    Stipend Graduate Student:  School of Social Work,
                                                     U of W, Seattle. 64/65 Practicum Placement in
                                                     Child Welfare Services, Seattle. 65/66 Practicum
                                                     Placement at Green Hill School For Boys, Chehelis.

                               6/66 – 8/66     Family Case Worker SW IV: N. Br. Office, Seattle.

                               8/66 – 8/67     Supervisor: King County CPS Unit, Seattle.

                               8/67 – 2/69     Social Service Program Specialist III:
                                                      Wrote the Declaration/Specialization Operational
                                                      Handbook. Management Analysis Unit, State Office,

                               2/69 – 9/69     Director of Training: Northwest District
                                                      (King & Snohomish Counties), officed in Seattle.

9/69 - 8/70          Juvenile Probation Officer IV:  King Co. Juvenile Court, Seattle.

8/70 - 1/73          Private Practice/Research & Development:
                               DBA Flo-Search Consultants. Employer Tax ID # 91-8660520

                               5220 Roosevelt Way N.E.
                               Seattle, Washington 98105

4/73 - 11/73        Child Protection SW IV:  Arizona Department of Economic
Security, Phoenix.

11/73 - 2/74        Social Worker GS-9:  U.S. Civil Service (Champus Program),

                               U.S.A.F. Hospital, Luke Air Force Base, Phoenix.

2/74 - 9/75          Self  Employed Owner:  Flo-Search Consultants, Phoenix.       

9/74 - 9/75           Bartender/Mixologist: The Wigwam Inn, Litchfield Park, Arizona.

12/75 - 7/77        Child Protection SW IV: Wrote and implemented,
                               “Children’s Protective Service: A Program Model.”
                               Department of Human Resources, Multnomah County, Portland, Oregon.

8/77 - 8/79          Self  Employed Astrologer/Social Worker:  DBA Ken Austin, MSW,

9/79 - 9/80          Night Manager/Desk Clerk:  Vieux Carre’ Motor Lodge,
                               The French Quarter, New Orleans.

10/80 - 9/81        Medical SW IV:  The Rehabilitation Hospital of The Pacific, Honolulu.

10/81 - 11/83      Self Employed Astrologer/Social Worker:  DBA Ken Austin, MSW,

11/83 - 7/85         Security Officer/Shift Supervisor:  Discovery Bay Association, Honolulu.

8/85 - 6/90           Self Employed Astrologer/Social Worker:  DBA Ken Austin, MSW,




06/04/90 – 08/15/90:         Emergency Hire SW III (SR-20), working in the Community Based Early Release Program at Oahu Community Correctional Center, 2199 Kam highway, Honolulu, Hawaii 96819 as an adult offender Case Manager for the Department of Corrections.

08/16/90 – 01/31/91:           Permanent Probationary Hire SW III (SR-20), working with female misdemeanants at Women’s Community Correctional Center, P.O. Box F, Kailua, Hawaii 96734 as an adult offender Case Manager for the Department of Corrections.

02/01/91 – 06/31/94:         Permanent Hire SW IV (SR-22), working as a Psychiatric SW with male and female pretrial felons in the main facility at OCCC, 2199 Kam Highway, Honolulu, Hawaii 96819, as a member of the Forensic Mental Health Team for the department of Health, Adult Mental Health Division, Courts and Corrections Branch.

07/01/94 – 12/31/98:         As a result of reorganization and Hawaii State Legislative Act 153, SLH 1994, transferring all forensic mental health staff and equipment in correctional facilities from the Department of Health to the Department of Public Safety, Health Care Division, I became an employee of the Department of Public Safety.  My duties remained the same, I retained the same position title and number.

07/01/99 – 12/31/00:         DBA VIDEOSYNERGY™ STUDIO II Service Provider, #KE1752, for Felix/Waihe'e Consent Decree cases: Subcontracting through MENTAL FITNESS CENTER, INC. 2064 Mauna Place, Honolulu, Hawai'i 96822, (808) 545-2100.


         I  often  found  it  necessary  to supplement  my   income  to  meet  living expenses during periods of self-employment. At such times, I  secured temporary employment   with  Manpower,  Inc.,  performing  a   variety  of   job  functions.   These occasions occurred frequently. The jobs were far too numerous to detail here. Suffice it to say that I have a large repertoire of work skills, including most of the skilled building trades occupations.


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