This website has been constructed as a venue vehicle to introduce the VIDEOSYNERGY method of Video Feedback and the AUDIO-AUTOSYNTHESIS™ SELF-HELP method of Audio Feedback psychotherapies directly to the consumer client population seeking mental health services. These treatment modalities are truly innovative applications of existing closed circuit Video and Audio System Technologies incorporating time tested traditional interview techniques based on researched theories of personality development and character structure and current psychological behavior change concepts of psychotherapy. These methodologies employ a manualized, uniform prototype interview process framework that is formalized and replicable, depending on the focus of the protocol used in the session. In plain language – no matter who the VIDEOSYNERGIST or the AUDIO-AUTOSYNTHESIS™ self-help practitioner may be, the interview sessions will be conducted in the same manner and follow an identical format.

       Beyond the traditional approach to mental health treatment, VIDEOSYNERGY and AUDIO-AUTOSYNTHESIS™ directly address the conception of an individual consciousness and recognize that there are variable levels, degrees and states of consciousness as abundant and unique as the number of people on planet earth. The effect of using these intervention session processes is to improve and integrate the current level of an individual’s consciousness and to impel it to an expanded, more inclusive, higher level. This approach actually revolutionizes and outmodes the current notion of “mental health” and replaces it with the altogether more eclectic model of a mobile, pliable, expanding consciousness that is not defined or fixed by a diagnostic label. Self-understanding, self-awareness, self-knowledge become the keywords of this new approach to the “treatment” of the human conditions currently called “mental illnesses.” These methodologies postulate that all human problems are problems of “consciousness.” From the lowest level of human social functioning to the highest, we speak of varying levels of consciousness. Persons at all levels can go higher -- VIDEOSYNERGY and AUDIO-AUTOSYNTHESIS™ are two therapeutic methods that have been developed with this extremely focused goal foremost in mind.

      Astrology horoscope and planetary transit readings are utilized in cases where people are open to considering astrology a valid discipline. Such people realize that astrology can help them understand that there are causative factors involved in producing the effects and circumstances of their current life situations and that these are cyclic in nature and can be used in a practical, pragmatic manner to work through the difficult times that occasionally come upon an individual as they live out their lives. An astrology class is offered for people who are interested in, but uninitiated regarding the practical application of astrological concepts to everyday life.

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