VIDEOSYNERGY STUDIO II is committed to the highest standard of privacy and confidentiality. We make a solemn pledge never to share any personal identifying client data with other parties for any purpose whatsoever, without a specific written request and consent from the client respondents to do so. We will never sell our client mailing lists, e-mail addresses, telephone or fax numbers to any solicitor. We are an ALOHA CARE, HMSA, and TRI-CARE certified Participating Provider. We do not accept other third party (insurance) reimbursements for mental health services because we do not wish to share personal, confidential information about clients with OTHER third party payors.
Certain generalized categorical information stored in our database that is not client specific and cannot be traced to individual persons may be used and shared with other professionals, clients and the general public. Such information will appear in data analysis reports and research findings based on information collected in THE AUDIO-AUTOSYNTHESISSELF-HELP REGISTRATION, various survey instruments and THE VIDEOSYNERGY REGISTRATION FORM. Data transmissions both to and from clients involving credit card and personal information will be encrypted.

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Ken Austin, 2002