Data that has been collected via THE VIDEOSYNERGY REGISTRATION and THE AUDIO-AUTOSYNTHESISSELF-HELP REGISTRATION forms completed by those who purchase these services will be used to construct a database and create a software program that will generate Respondent Profiles. These profiles will be indexed to information obtained about a number of issues, including individual outcome experience related to the use of these programs, solicited from participants through in-person follow-up surveys and via the Internet using random sampling techniques . We shall also develop the capacity to generate Group Profiles derived from mining the database along specified categorical fields, e.g., males vs females, married vs single, employed vs unemployed etc. As the database grows, statistical norms will present themselves and, eventually, validating patterns will emerge. We fully intend to share what is learned in this endeavor with our client population by providing research findings to clients in-person and via instant, secure electronic survey feedback reports over the Internet. We also expect to make certain information in the data base available on a direct access basis to active clients who have elected to become Subscribing Member Respondents for a nominal fee. This fee and the exact information that will be made accessible is yet to be determined and depends upon the size of the group of respondents who use these programs and the number of individuals who wish to subscribe..


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Ken Austin, 2002